ALL STAR DESIGN Tower 2 Aria 2016-08-30

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Interior Design - Rise Park Villa - 4000 square feet
The head of the house is the designer of the third house. He chose the designer Ann Chan. He hopes to retain the original classical materials. The designer uses a combination of Chinese and Western colors and chooses earth tones, brown, white, and gray tones as the main theme of the house, with lighting. The effect, and the quality reflective materials, create a gorgeous and warm villa. The lobby uses high-quality wood and marble, exuding a sense of creative art.
The living room and the partial hall area are partitioned with a wooden grain semicircle to create a feeling of comfort and warmth of the times. The walls of the TV are embellished with sliver wood, combined with white oak and soft lighting, which doubles the condensed warm atmosphere. The side dining room extends through the dining room with a silver ceiling. It has a beautiful style in the bar area and Chinese and Western culture in the tea-drinking area. Whether it is a floor or a ceiling, the three rooms are distinguished, the marble texture is The oak floors are in contrast, but they can cooperate. Ann retains the original Western mosaic ceiling in the dining room and then uses a multi-layered round shape to harmonize the theme of the classical fashion space.
Through careful selection of materials, the designer extended the warmth to the master bedroom on the second floor. The floor of the master room is covered with spotted carpet, while the bedside wall is made of gray leather and TV wood wall to provide a comfortable contrast, bring out the elegant taste and elegant atmosphere.
At the same time, the designer will build the front and back gardens for entertainment, protecting the outside facilities and equipped with a barbecue area, so that the head of the house can greet friends and enjoy it.
The designer Ann will extend the whole villa to extend the interior and exterior of the space, to achieve "outside oneness" natural comfort.